Day 41 – Tuesday, April 19: Damascus, VA, Zero Day, 469.0 total AT miles.

Note: Instead of typing this entry using the Notes app on my iPhone, I typed it directly into the WordPress app. I don’t know what happened to the last half of this entry. My apologies.

I woke up at 8:00 tired and sore. It’s never a good day when you wake up tired. But I was thankful – I had made it. I was still happy from the marathon hike the night prior.

I exited my tent and walked (quite literally) across the street to the same flush toilet in the park I used last night. I didn’t want to impose on the nice lady that let us tent in her yard, nor did I want to potentially embarrass her in front of her neighbors.

Upon finishing, I received a call from Shaggy. He ended up stealth camping a mile and a half outside of Damascus. He was nearly to town and wanted to meet up. I told him we’d be packed up in an hour and meet him downtown.

Upon returning to our camp on the river, Savage and Maria were already packing up. They had good news – our benefactor made us fresh blueberry muffins. The day was looking better.


Savage breakfasting on the river.
Maria split off to head to a hostel and Savage and I set off to meet Shaggy. We found him (only incidentally) by the flush toilets in the park. The three of us started scouring the AT Guide to find lodgings for the night. I called Medicine Man to see when he would be in town – he was hitching in from Shady Valley, TN. Summer, his Golden Retriever, was limping and had a burr in her paw. He met us in 15 minutes and the four of us booked a room in the Virginia Creeper Lodge.

It was great seeing Medicine Man again. He was able to fill us in on Moon Boots, Canuck and Clutch. They had been pushing hard and should be in town in a few hours – we went ahead and pre-booked them a room as well.

The Virginia Creeper Lodge is ridiculously nice. High ceilings, full back porch overlooking the river, huge kitchen – and an outside grill. I was excited for sure.

Note: and this is where the app cut off my entry.

To make a long story short, I bought new boots and a new summer sleeping bag.